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Why partner with Peerless? We think about components and systems differently. Our knowledge of applications, performance, and cost trade-offs allows us to engineer our components with the end goal in mind.

Peerless is shifting the paradigm in audio design to enable your product to win in the market.

Our innovation in key building blocks
enables your innovation in systems.

Design with Confidence

What makes us the fastest-growing audio ODM in the world?

Integration Expertise

We focus on components that are relevant, affordable, and easy to integrate.

Over 780 engineers work in centers and labs around the world designing the best audio systems. Our family of drivers and amps are inspired by our long-standing history of solving product problems. The most demanding brands trust our expertise; now available to the market as stand-alone components.

Unparalleled Performance

For over a century, we have been driving innovation with our components. Our rigorous testing and process controls result in quality at every phase — from design to build. We strive for reliability in 100% of our components.

We’re tuned to your needs, so you get targeted results whether you’re searching for cost-competitive or premium performance.

World-Class Infrastructure

With support offices across 3 continents, we ensure that you have an engineer to talk to in your time zone. Our production facilities in the Czech Republic, China, and Thailand allow you to count on the best supply chain options for your business.

As we continue to invest in new vertically-integrated facilities and research centers, we’re supplying even more strength and scope to the components that drive performance in your products.

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A Global Leader

Across North America, Asia, and the United Kingdom, we have an unbeatable supply chain scale with over 800 suppliers and many support locations.

From Concept to Market

R&D Expertise

Our group of engineers thrives on the challenges of designing the best audio solutions.

Their creativity — combined with skill and experience — brings the best in acoustics, electrical, mechanical, software, test, RF, and NPI engineering.

Quality from End to End

Peerless supplies the most demanding audio brands with more than 6.5M drivers per year.

We’ve built our test and validation protocols over the years to meet the toughest real-life demands and deliver thorough standards of testing and execution to the most stringent limits.

We continue to invest in state-of-the-art validation labs, production lines, and automation technology to guarantee repeatability and efficiency.

Where We Perform

Peerless speakers and amplifiers are used in the world’s leading audio products. Our range holds strong and growing market share in each of the channels shown below.

Compact Portable PA Systems
Live Sound PA Systems
Installed Sound
Studio Monitoring
Conferencing / Content Creation
Consumer and Premium Audio

Innovation Delivered

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